I have found that over the years I go through time periods when I have multiple patients who come to see me for very similar complaints.  2013 has been the year of hormones.  Patient after patient complaining of irregular periods, infertility, severe PMS,weight gains,  anxiety, loss of libido and umpteen other complaints correlating with hormonal imbalances.  Each and every one was sent for blood work to test levels of sex hormones as well as thyroid hormones.  Low and behold, each and every one came back with some sort of imbalance.  Progesterone was too low.  Testosterone was too high.  Thyroid hormones were out of whack.  The good news is, these types of complaints tend to be an easy fix once you know the root of the complaints.  We as naturopaths have the ability to manipulate hormones without the potential side effects of synthetic hormone replacement.

The frustration comes from the lack of acknowledgement of these types of symptoms from family physicians.  They see a woman with hormonal complaints and they offer two possible treatments; oral contraceptives or anti depressants. Neither of which are a solution to the problem, instead offer a temporary band-aid that is likely cause further imbalances down the road.  The idea of testing hormones never seems to cross their minds.  Some in fact go so far as to suggest they are unable to test hormones.  Or if a woman is getting a period then the hormones must be fine…..even if those periods are 40 days apart.

I am in no way anti pharmaceutical.  I anxiously await the day NDs have prescribing rights.  Pharmaceuticals have an important place in modern medicine if they address the fundamental cause of illness. Otherwise, they can contribute to the problem.

I have to assume that there are droves of woman out there suffering from hormonally based complaints that have not received the appropriate work up or treatment.  Unfortunate, when very often the solution is not only simple, it can life changing.